Where Are Your Manners!?

I have a really big axe to grind! In the last two weeks I have encountered two specific acts of extreme rudeness. This isn’t including the people who have bumped into me and not said sorry; or who I’ve held a door open for and have not said Thank You.

Incident Number 1

I was on my way out of my apartment at 5.30 one evening and I couldn’t find my key card. I started freaking out: I had to be on campus for 6.00 for a class, the complex’s office closed at 5.30 and I had no idea if any of my room-mates would be in the apartment when I came back. So I took a gamble and headed to the office. I went inside and asked the warden inside for a spare key that I would drop back down in the morning. He was unable to give me one but he did say that if I rang the number on the door someone could come down and let me in. He was so nice and I was so grateful to him. I had gone in after office hours but he still so kind.

I went to my class and was home early: 8.00, 8.30. I was able to get inside the complex but not inside the apartment block or my apartment so I called the number. One of the warden’s answered but it wasn’t the one I had spoken to earlier. I could tell he was probably put out so I apologised and planned to do so again when he came down. When he did come down, I said hello and how sorry I was for this. He said nothing to me: not an hello; not a ‘it’s alright’ (just to be polite). Then he ran up the stairs and opened the door without a goodbye, while I thanked him profusely and said ‘goodbye’ and ‘enjoy your night’.

Incident Number 2

On Sunday, I was walking along College Road, listening to my music and minding my own business. A car pulled up at a red light and the woman inside asked me if I knew the directions to some place. I didn’t understand what she said so I asked her what she said. She repeated but I still couldn’t understand her so I said I didn’t know. This ‘Pleasant Little Creature’ (I’m holding back what I really want to say) then said, ‘Yeah, do ya know anyting?’ and then the spineless bit– drove off. Luckily, I was so mad I managed to throw out my laughable retort (which I don’t wish to share – it wasn’t my best moment) back to her.

In contrast

Aside from all the lovely people who hold doors open for me on a daily basis out of the kindness of their own hearts, all the random acts of kindness – big and small – really make my day.

On Friday, I was meeting my sister in the city centre and I tok a detour to John Smith’s Book shop to pick some books up for college. I got everything bar one book so I went up to the counter and asked a sales assistant if they had it. Another customer, waiting in line and over-hearing, said they had seen it and not only left their place in the queue but also went over for it AND let me pay for my things before he did. Thank you, kind sir!

As I was leaving the Student Centre it was pouring! So I waited inside the door for it to pass. A lovely woman was having a cigarette and struck up a conversation with me, which was positively wonderful. We talked about the weather and she told me how her mother in law turns the mirrors the other way around when lightening strikes so that it won’t reflect back. I think it’s so kind when a complete stranger has a conversation with someone they’ve just met: you don’t know this person yet what they say could have a serious affect on you. I now know not too stand next to a window when it’s lightening!

And finally, on Saturday I was leaving the library and headed to the elevator. The door was about to close and the lovely man inside kept it open for me. AND, when the doors opened, he said ‘After You.’!!!

I know that these three people are probably not going to see this but to them I just want to say thanks and let them know that their kindness is appreciated

I’ll admit that the good always out-weighs the bad but does it really kill people to say please or thank you? I would really love to hear your thoughts.


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