The Inheritance

When I first heard of this book, it was after I was watched the 1997 movie. I fell in love with the movie. It was sweet; romantic… It was a beautiful love story. It wasn’t as harsh or long-winded as other romance novels during this time (I mean harsh and long in good ways: Jane Austen is classic.) I keep it in my box where I keep all my feel good books and I read it every Christmas along with A Christmas Carol.

I’ll admit I first came across the movie after IMDb-ing one of my favorite actors, Thomas Gibson. I had never seen him in anything other than Dharma & Greg, Chicago Hope and Criminal Minds so I was excited to see him in a romantic period actor. (Yes, he is my older man crush but I genuinely think he is an incredibly versatile and underrated actor!) Anyway… This movie became one of my favourites. It was just a good ‘curl up on the couch when you’re feeling bad’ movie.

It is a GENUINE feel good story with loveable characters and the classic Cinderella tale.

It’s not for everyone but it is one of my FAVOURITES!

Starring: Cari Shayne, Tom Conti and Thomas Gibson.


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