Alright. I have no qualms with admitting that I can be guilty of this but (I was discussing this with friends the other night) sometimes I’ll look at my iPod and I’m shocked by the amount of social networking apps I have. So I asked myself “why do I do it? Why do I post meaning less tweets or random photos onto Instagram?” I know my life isn;t obscenely exciting; or that people don’t care that the other night I had a dream where real life me and animated Bruce Wayne were fighting villains – the only people who would possibly care about that are my nerdy friends, so why don’t I just meet up with them for a cup of coffee and tell them? Social Networking started off as a way of keeping in touch with people but now it’s a main form of socialising.

It’s not even when people post about their everyday tasks and food. That only really pisses me off when my feeds are overflowing with them. I don’t understand how parents or family members can justify putting up pictures of babies and little kids on social networking sites. Nothing is private on the internet and once it’s there it stays there. Just look at the incident with Mark Zuckerberg’s sister . The one fact that people need to know about the internet: NOTHING IS PRIVATE. Anyone can find anything if they look hard enough.

Remember being a child and, rather than surfing the web and tweeting about how bored you were, you used to turn your world into a new one – we used to play in the feilds, for instance – or when the most exciting thing that you could do with your phone was to play snake. But you couldn’t even do that until you were thirteen and got a phone. Now I see kids under ten with iPhones.

I was looking through my Tumblr feed one day when I came across this post from Matthew Gray Gubler:


i think you will like what happens.

immediately you will notice things
small things…

like the color of your car’s dashboard and the way the sun reflects off of it
the lady in the car next to you adjusting her shoulder pads at the stop light
that little bit of toothpaste in the corner of your mouth

there’s a nice old man standing behind you in line at Starbucks and he is wearing very fancy tennis shoes
the kind you usually only see gangster rappers wearing

where did he got those very fancy tennis shoes?
does he know they look kind of out of place on his feet?
perhaps a grandson or granddaughter bought them for him for Christmas?
or Hanukkah?
what’s the proper way to spell Hanukkah?
is it H-anukah or CH-anukah?
maybe a friendly store clerk helped that old timer pick those shoes when he went in to replace the shoelace from an old pair of loafers.
perhaps they have really comfortable soles that are good for aching joints?
do rappers get aching joints from rapping too hard?

oh wait, it’s your turn to order

you’ll make direct eye contact with the cashier and maybe notice the fact that one of her eyes is a slightly different shade of blue than the other
how interesting

is it just me or does it smell like winter in this coffee shop?
like that foggy night you helped dad build a fire for the first time


what’s happening?

your mind is working
formulating thoughts
interacting with it’s surroundings
creating questions and answering them

your face is not stuck to a glowing electric square

you’re not looking at facebook updates from people you haven’t talked to in 4 years

you’re not watching a 2 minute video clip of a cat riding a dog

you’re not looking for a song you are going to listen to the first 37 seconds of before skipping to the first 37 seconds of another song you prefer

you’re not reading a grammatically flawed blog written by an unqualified entertainer about how technology is making us less patient, less imaginative, and less interesting

and it feels great

the old man with the cool shoes smiles at you

and you smile back

welcome to reality

I decided that I wanted to do this challenge, but with a bit of a twist: not only do I plan to turn my phone off one day a week but during the summer I will deactivate my facebook account and I will only post to Twitter and Instagram what is worth posting.

Now we all know how I am when it comes to challenges but I’m hoping that because this one gives me the initiative to do something exciting and worthwhile with my summer.

Who’s with me!?

NOTE: Anyone interested, MGG’s blog is called GUBLERNATION


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