What did I do to say ‘Up Yours Valentine’s Day’?


Yep… Ironic, right?

Want to hear the real irony?


It wasn’t a typical rom-com with predictable stories: it was a clever story about inter-mingling love stories with twists, turns and a stellar cast – a line-up too long to list so click the link.

Directed by Garry Marshal, the story shows how about ten different couples spend their Valentine’s Day with bumps and bruises along the way and everything getting neatly tied up along the way. There were moments that shocked me, made me laugh, made me cry, made me swoon… had me holding my breath in anticipation.

PS Some of the scenes from the trailer weren’t in the movie I saw.

Hope everyone had a good V-day… Or Singles Appreciation day. Whichever’s for you.



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