Explosions in the Sky

“No lyrics. Just music. Explosive. Transcending. Music.”
“The truth about all Explosions in the Sky fans is that whether you’ve been listening to them for just a few weeks or for the better part of a decade (like me), we’ve all connected to the music in our own way.”
“if you play Explosions in the Sky loud enough, the process of hanging drywall can be a life-altering experience.”

Source: MoreThanMary.com

The post on MoreThanMary pretty much sums up their music. I came across them because one of their song titles was used as a title for an episode for One Tree Hill: With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds & Tired Souls We Slept. I thought that this was one of the most beautiful lines I had ever heard. I tried to find out what it was from and when I found out it was a song I immediately YouTube-d it.

I went to the music shop and bought the two albums that they had: The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place and All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone.

Their music is purely instumental. Provoking. Explosive. Beautiful. “The Birth & Death Of The Day” really does give the idea of a journey.

Although the band’s music deviates from pop, Hrasky said that they have similar goals “like immediately grabbing your attention and getting to your emotions.”[14] Rayani said, “We don’t consider ourselves post-rock at all; we consider ourselves a rock band.”[15]

Source: Wikipedia


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