My ‘Things that didn’t make it to Twitter’ Oscar rant!

Oscars 2013

What can I say: I’m a sucker for awards!

Award season is finally over (is it?) the awards are out and there were no surprises (for me, anyway) who the Best Actor and Best Actress awards went to. (Daniel Day-Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence, in case anyone hadn’t heard.) If anyone here checks out my twitter or instagram you will see my running commentary from when I watched the show on Monday Night – and by running commentary I mean 2 pictures and a shit load of tweets.

No, I was not surprised about Daniel Day-Lewis or Jennifer Lawrence and I was so pleased for them both – J-Law is such a level headed actress and always brings laughs or cringes yet we still love her, and Daniel Day-Lewis is Daniel Day-Lewis. “Just give me the blood, Eli.” I really enjoyed the back and forth that he had going on with Meryl Streep for a while.

Back to Lawrence for a second because there is something that I really want to mention – no not the fall. :O . Seriously did anyone else see her Post-Oscars Press Conference? That girl is real and has some serious sass and I love it. And her reaction to meeting Jack Nicholson was PRICELESS! These two need a movie together. I don’t think I’d be quite as cool and collected if I ever met either one of them!

What I was surprised to see win was Disney’s animated short movie Paperman. I had heard that it was nominated but I had forgotten until Sunday and honestly I didn’t know any of the other nominees so I didn’t know what it was up against.

Thinking back, I was surprised. I might be wrong but did Zero-Dark-Thirty win anything that night?

Again we had Argo coming away and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner wooing me during his acceptance speech.

Was I the only one who enjoyed Seth MacFarlane hosting? I’ll admit this is one of (possibly THE) only time I’ve watched the Oscars – I did watch Hugh Jackman’s opening the year he did it because it’s HUGH JACKMAN! – and it might have something to do with the fact that when I see Seth MacFarlane I also see Ian Harding. Anyone else seeing this!?

Seth MacFarlane

Ian Harding

He made me laugh but if he ever does it again I want Stewie Griffin to make an appearance (again). OR Derren Brown doing HIS Stewie impression.


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