Ombré Trend

I have a confession to make… I have never in my life dyed my hair.  Like, ever! (Taylor Swift Reference)

My hair might be a frizzy son of a bitch sometimes but the one thing that I have always loved was my hair colour. Dark- brown, with hints of red and blonde, depending on how the light hits it. when I was little I was blonde. Like, BLONDE! And then one day, POOF! my hair was brown and dark. But lately I have been considering hopping on the ‘Ombré band-wagon’.

At first I jokingly said to my sister and mom that I wanted to dye the tips of my hair blue or pink. My sister seriously suggested blonde tips and I started to considerer it seriously. I still love my hair colour but a girl gets bored.

What’s holding me back?

The two paragraphs above, basically. I have never dyed my hair, so I don’t know what it does to your hair. I love my hair colour so much I’m terrified that, by bleaching and dying the tips, I’ll lose the natural dark array of colours that I have. 😥

(I know this isn’t the most pressing issue to talk about but sometimes a girl needs to indulge in beauty and fashion rants)

I came across an article on HelloGiggleswhere the writer talked about Colour Bugs? Does anyone know what these are or if they’re any good?

Or just tips on hair dying in general?


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