So apparently Leather is ‘in’ this season!

Leather Jackets - Favourites

Jackets, that is. I’ve seen a lot of variety in the Leather Jacket region whenever I’ve strolled into shops. Alright: H&M, namely. And Penney’s… I have owned a few leather pieces in my time but it wasn’t a ‘phase’ but they were amazing: one was a stone coloured fitted jacket that I had when I was 12 and the other I got was a few years ago (and still have) was a brown going below the waist that I bought in New Look

Leather was a big hit last Autumn and I will admit I fell head over heels for those multi-fabric jackets with the leather sleeves.

Mary Rambin gives a quick run-down on the syles, colours, fits, etc here

River Island

Note: I will admit – finding reports on games, movies, music etc is a lot easier than finding opinions on Leather Trends… I really had to dig!


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