Docto Who – The Review (Just because it rhymed :) )

I’ve thrown in my two cents about ‘Doomsday’, I think it’s only fair that I go ahead and introduce you to the show. Unless you’re a WHOVIAN, then you can just scroll down and bask in the wonderful moments from the first 2 season of the revived version. 🙂

The show follows a Time-Lord, known only as ‘The Doctor’, and his companions, as they travel through time and space to save the world.

The Doctors

Since the show began back in 1963, there have been 11 actors to portray The Doctor, currently played by Matt Smith, and numerous companion (portrayed by Jenna-Louise Coleman), and The Doctors and Companions I am familiar with? Cristopher Eccleston and David Tennant as the ninth and tenth Doctors; Billie Piper as Rose Tyler (…), Catherine Tate as The Bride/Donna Noble and  Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones. I’ll admit, I’m not the font of all knowledge when it comes to The Doctor (I leave that to others…) but 2 seasons in and I’m hooked!

It has made me laugh and cry (and by cry I mean sob like a child. See Here for an example of that… stupid Doomsday…)

Some of my favourite moments are below:



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