As my Lecturer called it: ‘The Questionably Ethical and Moral Campaigning’

Last week saw UCC campus (well… Boole area) amassed with campaigners and BOY! was there campaigning! I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so many dogs in all my life. And the variety! Little dogs, big dogs, huskies… ST. BERNARDS! I saw a St. Bernard! How awesome is that!?

How did my day start?


I was sitting in the lecture theatre, all gung-ho for my 12.00 lecture when I got a text message from my friend: With Jay. Lunch at Western Gateway. What could I possibly say to that? No, I’d rather sit in this cold Lecture Theatre learning about Marvell while it’s snowing outside and my friends are having fun without me!? No, sir! (It snowed! It’s March and it snowed! Proper FREAKING SNOW.) Off we totted to Lunch. (UCC canteens do amazing deals on food: healthy, nutritious foods at incredibly low costs. Not that it matters but I had the Thai Green Curry.)

We decided to brave the campaigning filled campus in search of ‘The Guy With The Bubble-wrap’ (of whom we knew nothing about except that he had bubble wrap.)

(At this point it is important to mention this little piece of dialogue – Me: Do I hear Taylor Swift? … I’m pretty sure I can hear ‘I knew You were Trouble’ – refer back to this moment at a later stage.)

So off we strolled: past the West Wing, up the steps and into the Labyrinth of campaigners…

Obviously, had all we seen by the Boole entrance were a few people wearing tee-shirts saying ‘VOTE … ‘, we would have taken a quick glance around for Bubble-Wrap guy and then moved on. But we did not see a few campaigners. We saw something else…

It started off with a circle of people. And as we got closer we spotted our friend Niki in a Tiger costume at the front of the circle. So we made our way towards him. And at the front of that cirlce, what we saw was something much more beautiful…


WE SAW A GIANT RED FREAKING BUTTON! … As it turns out, a giant red button ASKING to be pushed is a lot scarier than a giant red button NOT ASKING to be pushed… And it proved to be after one of us pushed it and got dragged into the middle of the circle… Nope, not me! I’m too much of a wuss.

Hey, remember how earlier I thought I was hearing the Taylor Swift song? Well, as it turned out, at that exact time this was happening:

Seriously? First, how could I have missed this? And second, this is definitely in the top 5 things I’ve experienced in college! (an elite list to be sure!)

Other awesome things From that day

An amazing cake that was huge and pink and all sorts of wonderful (sadly, I saw it after I had already made my purchase of a marshmallow-y, chocolate-y gooey …thing)

Dogs wearing campainging T-shirts.

C:Did you see last night Once Up-- Me: SHUT UP!

C:Did you see last night Once Up–

I have an obsession with Once Upon a Time, so when my friend asked me if I had seen the latest episode (which I have not!) I over reacted a little… 😐

To fend off campaigners

To fend off campaigners

Said Friend then came up with a fool proof plan to fend off campaigners.

Big ass dog!

Big ass dog!

I mentioned the campaigning dogs but did I mention the children? Yeah! Buggies with tee-shirts over the hoods and 7 year old’s bribing people with making people happy

(Hence the title of the post)

I truly love college… there’s always something to see

Just to put things into a bit of perspective

Where we ventured!

Where we ventured!


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