Charlie Pace

The first time around I wasn’t much of a LOST fan. I distinctly remember, however, the first time the season three finale ”Through The Looking Glass” first aired on Irish TV. To clarify, I had seen promos and what not but I don’t think that I ever actually watched a full episode and I definitely had never seen enough of the show to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with any of the characters…

But this day will stay with me for the rest of my life as what was possibly the single most embarrassing and funniest and saddest days of my life all wrapped into one.

I was standing in the middle of the kitchen with my Mom, Dad, sister Lou and sister Laura (who had just come home for a visit). The TV was switched on with the volume off and LOST was showing. At some point I let my attention slide to the muted show and before I knew it Desmond was looking for a missing body, Charlie saw a random guy with an eyepatch (who doesn’t love this show?) and a grenade and the slow-mo started. And I started BAWLING! not a few tears: Full on sobbing! My sisters (obviously) laughed. My Mom hugged me. My Dad shook his head (seriously: never watch anything remotely sad with me… I cried so hard the first time I watched Titanic that I actually passed out.). Eventually I calmed down enough to follow my sisters upstairs (sniffling along the way). This was the night I was introduced to Regina Spektor (musically, not literally, sadly) and this was the night Laura bought me the Venus Razor I had asked for, which set me off again for the simple reason that it was BLUE!

No, this post doesn’t really have a point. I’m just trying to gather myself.

Because I just watched ‘Through the Looking Glass’. AGAIN. On my own…

The fact that I now love the show, that the music was heart wrenching, the following scene had Emilie De Ravin and that I am completely biased when it comes to Charlie and Claire had NOTHING to do with it…

I need to go and be alone with my good friends Ben & Jerry for a while…


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