My Semi-Serious, Not At All Heavy Girly Post

Have you ever made a mistake that you knew was a mistake while you were doing it and but you still did it anyway and it turned out for the better because it made you re-evaluate something? I did that very thing today. I had €5.65 in change in my hand and as I placed my hand in my bag to drop the money I knew I’d regret it but I still did it.

Here what I had in my super-bag:

  • The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
  • a bookmark that was not in the book
  • €5.65 in change
  • keys
  • The Bondy Shop Hemp Hand cream
  • Pens and a highlighter
  • A notebook
  • a letter
  • sunglasses
  • rubbish
  • lip glosses

At one point my bag also contained my phone and iPod, a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, a log of cake and a pizza.

For the record, my bag is freaking AWESOME! I ran into my friend on the street one day and she asked if I got it in River Island and she was so shocked to hear that I had actually got it in Penney’s. I’ve had it for over a year and it’s still going good – a few biro stains and a zippy thing that fell off – and I’ve managed to make to 30 walk from my apartment to the bus station with my bag carrying my laptop, my external hard-drive, my college folder, my notepad, college books, purse, iPod, phone…

So for a post that started off as a seemingly self evalution I’ve somehow managed to write over 200 words praising my handbag.

That’s skill. That’s seriously something. That’s … sad = I love my bag THAT much…

Also I’ve decided to name him Tom… yes my bag is a guy. And his name is Tom.


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