Stress rears its ugly head at the most inopportune times…

Thursday was a pretty sweet day:

I got up early enough to get a computer in the library so I could work on my essays that are due up in April. I was there for five hours working on two essays (and finishing one of them), took off to my last lecture of second year (which ended up being the biggest laugh – it was one of my favorites lectures this year), went for hot chocolates with friends and by four I was headed back to college to finish up my essays.

I got a computer, opened up the assignment I was working on and stared at it for a good hour. I couldn’t focus on it. I started feeling a bit week so I headed home. And that’s when I started getting violently, violently ill. Never before had I been that sick: I thought I was suffering from a sugar overdose or dying or something. I crawled into bed at about 7.oo and was back in the bathroom every half hour or so. I ended up staying out with my aunt that night meaning I couldn’t hand up my assignment on the Friday and that I couldn’t bring home half the things I wanted to for Easter that I wanted to. By 11.00 I was in bed but I was awake every 15 minutes. I had a Doctor Who dream where the Doctor wanted me to help him sacrifice Amy by flipping a switch in my aunt’s immersion cupboard downstairs. I woke up and made it to the top of the stairs before I ran back to bed bawling and fell asleep crying ‘He wouldn’t hurt Amy, he loves Amy… He can’t kill her. He wouldn’t.’

All in all it was not a good start to the holidays.

It seemed that this week my body decided to turn against me. I went out with friends Monday night, had pepperoni pizza which I am now pretty sure I’m allergic to because my lips just flamed up; my entire body hurt Tuesday and Wednesday; I developed a rash on my arms and legs and I was tripping myself up all week.

And this isn’t the first time either. I had been ”fine” before I got my Leaving Cert results and then the day after I got them my sciatica kicked in for about 4 weeks. I say ‘fine’ but what I really mean is ‘I don’t think it’s that bad’ but then I’ll get a stretch of a break and my body will  will completely turn on me.

The reason why I’m posting this? To remind myself the next time I’m lying on a sofa with a fever and wandering back through my blog that I SHOULD have taken a break and let my body catch up to me and to remind myself that this was all my fault.

Happy Easter everyone!


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