Wanted: A Typewriter That Transforms Words into Cocktails


If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite words would taste like, then rejoice, as the machine of our dreams has finally surfaced: a typewriter that swirls vocabulary into cocktails. Created by the artist behind Morskoiboy.com, the strange idea’s inception prompted months of trial and error, sketching, fine-tuning, and building to finally bring us the sensory experience-granting contraption. Composed of drugstore finds —  keys are replaced with syringes, while clear pipes rule out traditional wiring — the innovative machine converts words into colors and drinks via a main line of alcohol that is infused with rainbow-hued syrups and liqueurs every time a letter is pressed.  As you dig through your lexicon and imagine what words you’d like to indulge in, watch a video about the making of this game-changing invention and see some pictures of the finished product below.

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