Oh, Criminal Minds, What Have You Done

Kirsten Vangsness, AJ Cook

Nothing. Only fired 2 talented actresses, brought both back, reduced our favourite Unit Cheif to saying ‘Wheels up in 30’ and taking away our favourite Doctor’s love interest before we could become emotionally invested in her! Oh, and I’m not to keen on this Blake character…

I could handle all that… I was going to follow you to the end even if I didn’t like it. Because that is what true love is.

(I’m getting a little carried away here)

Completely unrelated yet somehow relevent

And then I saw this…:

Criminal Minds’ Season 9 Cast: A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness Could Leave Show (REPORT)

Well, no… sorry. First I saw my friend Hayley’s VERY ANGRY tweet THEN I saw this.

Why? Just Why?

Why get rid of two very much loved characters and talented actresses when you could keep fans happy by getting rid of a less loved fan, and I know that’s a little harsh – my opinion of Alex Blake does not reflect my opinion of Jeanne Tripplehorn – and I know it’s probably cheaper but still!

What this is really about is unequal pay. The actresses are paid LESS THAN HALF of what their male co-stars earn! Seriously. I’m not a feminist or anything close but this is wrong. And what’s worse is that this show is sending out the message that women are dispensible. This is not a feminist post or a societal post.

If the show does get rid of them, I will probably stop watching (If my OCD allows me to) and the show will probably finish soon after anyway (why they didn’t call it quits with the end of season 7 is beyond me, the show isn’t what it used to be.)

The bottom line: this is wrong and it shouldn’t be allowed!

Also I am NOT ok with this!

You tell ’em, Hotch!


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