Mad Men Season 6 Premier – Spoilers

As I contemplate how I REALLY should be studying, I find myself sitting on my really messy bed with a bowl of popcorn watching the season 6 première of Mad Men. I go into this cautiously. I craved it this weekend and as I looked into material for my Betty Draper, I became very worried by mixed reviews. It is a fact that a lot of TV shows loose their “Umph!” in or around season 5 (mostly those formulaic procedurals) so that added to my … consternation.

The two-part season première opened with a shot of Megan’s naval. This alone caused me hesitation as to how much I would like this season: Megan just isn’t one of my favourites – she seems a lot more whiny than Betty! I’m sorry, Megan, really, I tried to like you, I even rooted for Don to marry. But then he did.

Christina Hendricks and John Slattery

Roger. ‘Nuff said. If this show didn’t have Don Draper but still had Roger Sterling, I would be ok with that. I hope that when that guy asked if Joan and roger are still sleeping together if that meant something. I love Roger. I love Joan. I miss Joan from the early seasons. I love Joan and Roger. You could say I SHIP it. What will happen now that their respective others are out of the picture. And with a certain love-child IN the picture. I hope that Roger maintains his smart ass ways despite a few downs he’s had in the premier  I also want to see more Joan and Don scenes – I think that their dynamic is UH-MAZING! And I miss the Joan/Lane scenes. I love Joan!

Don, Joan, Roger

Betty goes brunette

WHAT THE HELL, BETTY!? I mean, I like you more than I like Megan. But THAT was before you gave your husband permission to have sex with a fiften year old if he wanted to! For the last 4 seasons you were never going to win mom of the year and after that… We have, however, seen a more caring side to Betty so far when she trekked to the coldest regions of New York in search of Sandy, the aforementioned fifteen year old. And then she got rid of that Grace Kelly hair and I just can’t forgive her for that!


At end of season 5 fans of the show were left wondering, ‘Is Don Draper gone back to his wicked, wicked ways?’ The simple answer: yes! The long answer: yes, and it is in the form of Linda Cardellini. I was a bit put off when Don married Megan because I just don’t like her but also because I found that Don was at his advertising best when he was sleeping around. It also means that the show is going back to its origins and I find that, if something is becoming stale, going back to the beginning and taking a different route always provides an answer.

Linda Cardellini

ANd finally: why is Pete such an ASS!?

So there are my thoughts on the premier. I wonder what the rest of the season brings!


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