Suggested Viewing

If you’re bored and just aching for something to do, why not check out some of these movies. They’re personal favourites:

    1. Psycho-1960-Alfred Hitchcock

One sunny summer’s day in the middle of nowhere a young girl wanted to get scared. And that she did.  Before the opening credits finished rolling I had to go find someone to watch the movie with me. Hitchcock has this gift for scaring people without even doing anything. It was his use of the music that really scared me: the sharp notes that he used really worked well to create the atmosphere necessary for this movie.

Some of the shots are incredibly eerie, for example, the end scene with Anthony Perkins in the room on his own. I still can’t go to sleep if I think about that scene, it’s so unsettling.Anthony Perkins does an incredible job as the friendly, helpful, nervous motel manager; as the submissive son; and, especially, the end scene.

Not long after I had watched this movie, my sister watched it. She asked me if I had ever seen it. I had, and then she commented on how she did not see the ending coming. What she was amazed by was that this was a classic and yet in all her years she had had no idea how it ended. What’s interesting is that, when this movie was first released, Hitchcock went to great lengths to protect the end of the movie.

2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show-1975- Jim Sharman

Just to start off: anyone who saw Tim Curry in a not-so-recent episode of Criminal Minds, or as the demonic clown in IT, will know that he is an actor that can pull off just about anything, but I myself had my doubts about him in this role, and, I’ll admit, I was pleasantly surprised him: he looks really good in this role.Here is just a quick trailer:

The music. Everytime I see this movie I always sing along or do the time warp and it’s so much fun, when you can get a bunch of Rocky Horror fans together.

3. Batman Returns-Tim Burton-1992

I’m a bit of a Batman fan an I couldn’t decide which one to write about. It was between this one, the one with Jack Nicholson, and the dark Knight, but this one won out.

It is definitely my favourite one of them all.

A great cast: Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Danny Devito; and a great crew: Danny Elfman with the music; Tim Burton as Director. I’ve watched a lot of movies in my eighteen years and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team as great as this.

Another great thing about this movie is.. the Penguin Army. Who doesn’t love hundreds of penguins getting read to fight. It’s the coolest thing ever.


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