I was a little late jumping on the LOST bandwagon. I watched the first series when it was running first and I had every intention of watching the second season and a very low attention span so, by the time the second series started up again, I had lost interest.  Eventually, because I was clutching for something that I could watch in bulk, I got the entire 6 seasons of LOST and started from the very beginning. It’s crazy! In a really good way. The first two seasons were pretty standard: introducing us to the characters and giving us some story. Season three was stuff started getting strange. And throughout the next three season things began to explain (almost) every question I ever had about this show. The cast and characters were amazing and really draw you in. Why is this show amazing? Well here are some reasons:

How amazing is Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson, Ben Linus

Why is this? Because he is such a recognisable talent. I was cooking dinner one evening with my back to the TV. I heard a voice and thought, ‘huh, that sounds like Ben from LOST.’ I turned around and saw that it was indeed Michael Emerson. Not only was I proud of my useless knowledge but I was amazed at how recognisable he was

How tragic the show is.

What is so fundamentally tragic about this show is how stoppable each of their fates are. I remember reading on Lostepdia that none of the main characters HAD to be on the plane. None of them had to absolutely go from Sydney to LA. It was the little things that are making it so tragic. Kate wouldn’t have been on the plane if she hadn’t tried to save Ray Mullen; Claire wouldn’t have been on the plane if Richard Malkin hadn’t ‘found’ a family in Los Angeles to adopt her baby and so on.

Another tragedy is how easy it is to get attached to these characters and then BOOM!

AND: in the end all the show is really about is death and dying. It’s a subtely tragic show whose tragedy doesn’t really hit you until the last few seasons but whose loss of character’s really hits you.

Claire and Charlie/Suliet/ Sawyer-Claire

Claire and Charlie -> Before I begin watching the show from start to finish I was head over heels in love with this couple. Claire was the pretty kooky mother-to-be who survived the plane and Charlie was the heroine-addicted musician who wore an heirloom ring and filled the shoes of father figure to baby Aaron. These guys are canon.

Everyone was expecting Sawyer and Kate to get together. Hell, I did and that was why I was so against it. Which is why when Suliet happened I rooted for them. Eventually I figured out why this was such an amazing couple. These guys lasted less then a season but their love was so real and pure. The learned to love and live together and, as Sawyer says countless times, he had a life.

Two of the most heart-breaking scenes in the history of LOST were Charlie’s death scene and Juliet’s death scene.

If I’m going to go all non-cannon on your asses, I will admit that towards the middle of season 4 I was beginning to ship Sawyer and Claire. Sawyer was such a sweetheart with her and Aaron and there were scenes when Sawyer was at his funniest.

Nestor carbonell and his “guy liner “

Is he? Isn’t he? Is he? Isn’t he? He isn’t. Although in season 5 Sawyer makes a great reference to guy in guyliner, it is stated in the Lostepedia that his eye lashes are naturally dark (and that they WERE darkened for The Dark Knight) . If there is one guy in the world who has amazing eyelashes it’s this one. And his character is great anyway, And he’s an amazing actor. Season 5 was great for him, and I loved what we saw of him in Juliet’s Centric Episode

John Locke

Terry O’Quinn as John Locke

Terry O’Quinn is amazing! His storylines in the show were unbelievable and effectively heartbreaking. The scene in season 5 where he’s about to hang himself – I genuinely couldn’t bring myself to watch it. It was heartbreaking. Locke’s entire storyline is so tragic.I always find myself just wanting to give that character something.

Favourite Moments

  • Sawyer is just an hilarious character. There’s a scene in the beginning of season 5 where Sawyer’s group are in a canoe and getting shot at and as the time shifts start up again he says, ‘Thank you, God’. Then, as luck would have it, it starts to POUR. I just love sawyers reactions.
  • Flash sideways from season 6
  • Season 5 (again: people give season 5 a hard time but I liked it) when Sawyer sees Claire giving birth to Aaron. I was a wreck at this point. I cried so hard.
  • The Season 1 finale when they blew up the hatch.
  • Anytime you see an event take place from another person’s perspective.
  • Desmond and Penny
  • Again Season 5. Hurley and Miles having the big time shift debate. Gotta love Hurley
  • The episode where Claire gives birth to Aaron
  • Desmond and Charlie moments
  • Jack Shepherd’s hair. – Thanks L’Oreal!

I was surprised by how much hidden meaning there is in LOST so if you do watch the show, check out Lostpedia : It’s a really detailed site about all things LOST


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