I have an obsession with H&M

It’s only really come out this year. I find New Look has lost it’s wonders – I remember getting some really nice jackets and jeans in there a few times in the past – Penney’s is great if you’re looking for something to get you by but has anyone else noticed prices rising and quality isn’t as good? Then you have the high end shops: Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Tommy Hilfiger, River Island, ONLY, VILA (some of these shops I would have issues with styles and prices.) But then, in the middle of Cork City, at the end Opera Lane, lies H&M. I’ve been a fan of it’s clothes for a while but recently I’ve noticed in the shop in Cork that Jewelery and bags and such have come up as well.

Source: PA Project

For my jeans I tend to go for NEXT or ONLY – I don’t think I’ve ever bought a pair of jeans in H&M – but with it being summer and considering I prefer skirts and dresses to jeans, H&M is my go to shop.

  • Black BASIC maxi skirt with pockets
  • Red BASIC short skirt
  • Tribal design skirt – longer at the back

So far my purchases have been skirts, especially recent purchases but they offer an amazing range of dresses.

H&M’s CONSCIOUS brand is amazing as well. H&M in Cork also do this amazing deal where, if you bring unwanted clothes to the store they give you a €5 voucher off a €30 purchase.

And their site is amazing. Seriously, check it out!

Bottom Line: H&M is my favourite clothes store!


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