A little bag of Cocaine a little bag of cocaine so who’s the girl wearing the dress… – Regina Spektor Review

I feel terrible for admitting this but I had completely forgotten how much I love Regina Spektor until recently (why am I writing this? Because I’m sitting in the ORB during one of my last days of term, listening to this music Goddess, and grasping for aan escape.) When – or why (probabl the more importnat and more easily answerd question) – did this change happen? The simple answer: I don’t know.

I remember being in my room late one night watching a late – season 2 episode of CSI: New York and a beautiful, piano acocompanied voice started playing over the scene and I cried because it fit so perfectly and it was beautiful. This was Samson. My first encounter with this talented woman . So once I’d rewached the scene a couple of hundred times and eventually put a stop to the uncontrollable sobbing. I went down to the computer and checked to see if we had ant music from this ‘Regina Spektor’. We had, but I had already forgoted the name of the song so I guessed. Here I was introduced to Us. Everything about this song was pure perfection.We had one album of hers in the house: Mary Ann meets the Gravediggers, so I lisented to it religiously.

Then came Begin To Hope. For anyone Irish whose reading this you might remember  the vodafone ad. The DANCING vodafone ad?

Anyway… I remember walking home from school with my sister after we heard this song and singing it all the time. And then there was the lost incident…

Driving home last Friday, looking for something to listen to , I landed on “The Call” and settled on Regina Spektor. “The Call” still sent shivers up my spine; “Samson” still makes me cry, “Us” still lifts my spirits and “On The Radio” and “Hotel Song” still put a smile on my face.

Regina Spektor is an old favourite I will always go back to.


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