LiveLikeJay – A Chasing Mavericks Review

Jay Moriarty was a surfer who accomplishes so much in the surfing community by the time he was 22. His life is depicted in this inspirational and tragic Curtis Hanson film starring Jonny Weston as Jay, Gerard Butler as his mentor, Frosty, Leven Rambin as his childhood friend and ultimately his wife, Kim, Abigail Spencer and Elisabeth Shue. The film wonderfully shows the immensity of the ocean and the magnificence of the waves. The sight leaves me in pure awe. The danger that comes from something so beautiful and free and immense. The movie not only had me tensing up for Jay but also wowed me with it’s amazing locations and scenery. It makes surfing look so elegant. It’s a truly beautiful movie: as a story and as a work of art and I can safely say that this is one of my favorite movies.

Maverick’s Wave

Just some background before I get into the actual movie. First, Mavericks are HUGE waves that can reach up to 25 feet and that can top about at about 80 feet. The height of these waves are caused from the unique rock formations off the coast about two miles from the shore of Pillar Point Harbour in Northern California. Every year in mid-December there is an invite only contest held at Mavericks. Mavericks was considered a myth that only few big wave surfers believed in.

At the age of sixteen, surfer Jay Moriarty rode the Mavericks after a storm from Japan brought in huge waves. Jay succeeded in the Mavericks but died at age 22 while free diving in Maldives. He married his childhood friend and love of his life, Kim.

Frosty and Kim

Both Kim and Frosty were on hand during the filming of Chasing Mavericks with Frosty even making an appearance towards the end. Leven Rambin, who plays Kim Moriarty, has said in interviews that she had met with real life Kim to really understand the part and to do Kim and Jay’s story justice, and she did just that. The movie was very well cast with actors who really put their hearts and souls into the filming of this movie. During filming, Gerard Butler was hospitalized after being hit a number of times by huge waves and was dragged through the rocks. The crew also lost a number of cameras during a shoot.

Leven (Kim) and Jonny (Jay)

Gerard and Jonny

The movie brilliantly depicted the relationships between Jay and Frosty and Jay and Kim. Jay and Kim’s relationship is so pure and true and just so much that the short time that they had together may have had more love than most people experience in their entire lives. (All that from a few scenes?) Abigail Spencer had a great line in the movie about fathers and sons which exactly describes Frosty and Jay’s relationship

Despite uncontrollable sobbing, the last scene was so beautiful. I was looking at a gifset on tumblr and it sent shivers down my spine even without the music playing. It was an amazing tribute and dedication to Jay.

I’ve already talked about the soundtrack here.

This movie is on my favourites list. Jay’s determination inspired me and his story made me cry. Definitely check this movie out.

Jay Moriarty



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