The Art Of Baking

In my opinion, baking is one of the most theraputic activities. Just go to the kitchen, pop on some music or your favourite show, grab your ingredients and utensils and start baking. It’s methodical, it’s a traditional activity. It’s homely. The nicest thing in the world is a warm, home-baking scented kitchen. Your focus is entirely on this activity and making this thing that you don’t have time to focus on anything else. Or maybe that’s just me and my OCD. Everything has to be measured out, sieved, whisked. And then there’s the whole act of eating the finished products.

When I was doing Home Economics in school I hated cooking until I had to make 2 dishes that I was then marked on. My dishes were brownies and cupcakes. It was so much fun. I used to practice so much and I’m pretty sure that I aced that exam!

Last year my saviour was Betty Crocker mixes because there simply wasn’t any time to do it all on my own.. I made cookies, brownies (adding raspberries and chocolate chips to put my own little spin on things) and for my sisters birthday I made her a red velvet cake (apparently you can make blue velvet cupcakes! Thank you Cupcake Wars) I’ve been told that I make really good brownies – really fudgy!

Hopefully next year I’ll have more time to get through some of my recipes that I’ve picked up from magazines and such.


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