Evernote – App

Image representing Evernote as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

I found this app the other night and it’s been so much fun and useful. Listed under productivity on the iTunes store, this app is an innovative way to keep all your notes, appointments, pictures, voice memos in one place. I could spend hours perusing the App Store and I have. And I have never come across an app quite like this one.

One note taking method it uses is pretty cool. Go into Evernote; click on the icon that looks like a proper, written out page, place your camera above a real page, snap the picture, and this is pretty much what comes out:



The camera uses handwriting recognition to get a rather legible picture.

I also have the app installed on my laptop, which is not Apple, and also works for Android. It has several sister app, none of which I’ve used but all of which I am very looking forward to.

The app itself is free, so give it a go and, if you like it, you can decide to go premium



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