WWDC 2013 – Mavericks

So far all I have been seeing is a lot of background on what Apple is and what’s happening with it’s stores and users. The brought out a toy race track.  Then they came onto Mac.

And then, perusing TNW twitter feed, I came across this. If you’ve been following my blog the last week (at least) you may understand why I am a little bit freaked out by the iOS X … Mavericks. Mavericks.

Let me say this one more time… MAVERICKS. Out of all the names they could have come up with… MAVERICKS.


See why I’m a little bit freaked?

Mavericks is said to have all-day battery life. Mavericks will include tagging for easier file finding and it is also supposedly going to have multiple displays.

Using a Mac in college (and college only, I don’t use it for personal use), the dream of owning a Mac was shattered for a lot of reasons, namely that you could only have one application open at a time and the system just didn’t impress me but this version of the iOS (putting the name aside) looks like it will be redeeming Mac for me.




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