I can Hear The Bells – A Hairspray Review

“A lesson on love: For yourself. For others.”

Alright, I have the soppy part out of the way.

I really liked this movie. Maybe it’s because I love musicals. Maybe it’s because I love the 60s. Maybe it’s because it had a pretty impressive cast – Christopher Walken and John Travolta, who made a very attractive woman, Brittany Snow, who it was nice to see as a pretty awful character for a sixties themed kid’s movie, James Marsden, who I’ve had a grudge against during his Scott Summer days yet whom I really liked in this movie, Zac Efron, who I recently found out played Little Simon Tam in a Firefly episode, Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah and Nikki Blonsky as leading lady Tracey Turnblad.

The story is about Tracy Turnblad who wants to be big in show business and, in getting there, helps make big changes to the society at the time.

My favorite scenes are any with the musical numbers and any with Christopher Walken and John Travolta: they are really an amazing pairing.

Some very funny scenes. Some excellent music. If you’re planning on having a girly movie night, this movie could definitely make your list


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