The Great Gatsby Soundtrack – Incorporating 1920s Music with Contemporary

Track listing for The Great Gatsby

I am a firm believer that music (or lack of) is really the maker of a scene. Horrors, for example. I can’t listen to Tiptoe through the tulips without thinking about Insidious and getting VERY freaked out. Or As It Seems by Lily Kershaw really added to Paget Brewster‘s final scene in Criminal Minds and still makes me cry. And the silence in Paranormal Activity always makes me tense. So when I walked out of the cinema on the Friday after the release of The Great Gatsby, I immediately went to download the album (I bought the original but I kind of wish that I had  bought the deluxe edition.)

Before the movie’s release I kept going on about Lana Del Rey‘s song which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. It was put to excellent use in the film with differeent versions of it scattered around the movie. But that isn’t my only favourite from the Jay-Z produced album.

Not a usual fan of the music of Will.I.Am, I was surprised by how much I liked his number “Bang Bang” as well as Fergie‘s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.” Both are fast paced and incorporate 1920s sound with the more modern and hedonistic style of the movie, and the director.

Beyonce’s cover of Back to Black: It’s not great, it’s not bad. It’s just so and so…

Jay-Z’s 100$ Bill was great. It incorporated dialogue from the movie and the idea of social classes. I even enjoyed Florence and The Machine‘s “Over the Love” which appeared on the trailer for the movie with Young and Beautiful and Jack White’s “Love is Blindness”

The Deluxe edition offers the 14 original tracks as well as some dialogue based tracks


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