My name is Aisling. I’m 19 years old and…

Point Horror books still scare me!

Yep: on the cloudy, rainy, windy day that was yesterday, when I wasn’t reading Henrik Ibsen, I was reading Point Horror. I read The Diary and Call Waiting and if you haven’t read them and are happy with spoilers then please, read on.

The Diary

After Delia starts having very real nightmares about dying, she finds a diary in her locker one day. As she reads this book she becomes more and more like the girl from the diary, who she named Laura. Laura died in a freak accident at the local lake about 17 years ago. As Delia reads about all the nasty and mean things Laura did, though at first disgusted by it, good-girl Delia begins to act a lot like Laura. She gets her hair cut and colored, starts wearing new clothes, takes up painting. Much the the dismay of her best friend Jewel.

Call Waiting

A little weaker in the sense that I could see what was coming for a while. But there were moments when I was questioning myself. Karen has an argument with her boyfriend, who she believes has been cheating on her and, about an hour later, while she’s on the phone to Ethan, she receives a call. It comes out that Karen made the whole thing up just to keep Ethan. But eventually she starts to get real calls.

Admittedly this book was kind of weak. Karen was a totally unsympathetic character. In comparison to The Diary, which left me with chills at the end, Call Waiting had me cursing Ethan and feeling nothing towards Karen.

Though not AS scary as when I read them when I was younger, I did still feel myself tensing up.

Yep, Point Horror really does it for me when I need a scare.


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