‘Cause Two Can Keep A Secret If One Of Them Is Dead

Secret by The Pierces is such a fitting song as the opening theme song for one of my guilty pleasures. I got hooked on this show the weekend before my Leaving Cert exams started and I was sick and the first half of season 1 was playing on a loop on MTV. I figured that, since I was sick, I deserved to curl up with some crappy TV. But ohhh, I was in for so much more. I discussed the show briefly here but now I’m going to go a little bit more in depth

While waiting for season 4 to grace our screens, I decided to pick up the season 1 box set and start from the beginning. Again. Everyone goes through the cycle of getting really into a show and then becoming indifferent to it after a break but when you get back into it, it’s so great.  But I was going through withdrawals and needed a fix.

The show is set in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, tells of Alison DiLaurentis‘ death, the lengths her four friends (Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer) will go to solve it, and their stalker, A, who know too much about the five of them.

Sasha Pieterse as Ali

Alison was the ‘It’ girl before her death. Aria mentions in ‘The Jenna Thing‘ that Ali knew all their secrets and they knew none of hers. This is true and, through flashbacks, we see Alison manipulate the girls and their secrets to get what she wants. In the opening scene of the show, we learn of Ali’s disappearance and, throughout the show, we learn more and more about the night she died from A and from other characters of the show. It is unknown at the moment whether Alison is truly dead, or alive and manipulating the Liar’s and the situation.

Lucy Hale

Aria, played by Lucy Hale, is seen to be the quirky one of the group. Before moving to Iceland for a year after Alison’s disappearance/death, Aria had pink stripes in her hair. Aria’s initial secret is that she and Ali once saw her dad kissing a student which is ironic since Aria’s new secret is that she is having a relationship with her English teacher, Ezra Fitz. Until “This Is A Dark Ride” A’s abuse of Aria had been very tame. But then she looked her in a crate with a dead body and nearly pushed her off of a moving train, so…

Shay Mitchell

In the first two seasons, Emily (Shay Mitchell) was seen as the weakest one of the group, being referred to as ‘the weak link’ by A. Emily’s initial secret was that she was in love with Alison. Emily eventually developes a relationship with Maya St. Germain anf comes out to her parents and friends about her sexuality. By season 3 Emily begins to develope a thicker skin and is more eager to fight back against A.

Ashley Benson

After Ali’s disappearance/death, Hanna (Ashley Benson) became the new queen bee, along with a former sufferer of Alison’s ridicule, Mona Vanderwaal. Hanna’s initial secret was that she was overweight, which Ali and A torment her about, while also acting out in the form of stealing from shops and crashing her boyfriend’s car.



Troian Bellisario


Spencer, played by Troian Bellisario, is the smart and competitive member of the group. During her summer, Spencer interns and takes extra classes. She runs for captain of the field hockey team and strives for the best. Her relationship with her sister is strained and competitive. Spencer was the only one who could stand up to Alison and challenge her. Alison had witnessed Spencer kissing her sister’s then-boyfriend, a secret which acts as fuel for A in the beginning.

It is a really good show, with bitchiness, fashion, music and twists and turns like you wouldn’t believe.

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