My Style

Much like my taste in movies, books, music and anything else, my style is all over the place. I go from vintage to bohemian to the mod styles that were seen on the likes of Twiggy and Edie Sedgewick in the 60s and 70s. I go from preppy to grungy. Chill to business-like. Most times I hate wearing black but if the outfit works and there’s some color in there, I’ll go for it.

Most of my style icons are in media – I look at actresses like Leven Rambin, Jennifer Lawrence, Lucy Hale, Bethany Joy Lenz; blog like MoreThanMary  and the crowd over at CollegeFashion; TV and Movie costumes (lets face it: Red from Once Upon a Time has a pretty bad-ass look. And isn’t that one of the great things about Mad Men) magazines- to develop and adapt my style.

Since I’m in college and Irish summers are pretty much none existent, I am having an immense amount of fun looking through magazines and blogs to come up with fun looking bits and bobs for back to college.

This seems like a pretty random post, right? Well, it is. Unless you’re me and the only way you can feel organised about something is by keeping it in one place, like, oh I don’t know, let’s say the ‘Fashion‘ category of your blog!

Consider this the calm before the storm. The warning that my ‘fashion’ posts are going to start getting regular thanks to my reestablished love for Polyvore (we had a falling out on my part but we’re good now).


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