Bates’ Motel

I just started watching Bates’ Motel. By just watching I mean I have watched one episode last week in an attempt to kill an hour.

I don’t know. I want to say ‘yes’ because I am a huge Psycho fan – hell I even liked the second Psycho movie – but I really don’t know. I have several issues with this show.

Keep in mind that, as I write this I have only seen one episode. 

  1. Setting. I went into this series thinking that this would be a great show set in the seventies or sixties or something. And at the start I thought it was. The decor and the costumes looked very old-style. What gave it away that this show was actually set in modern day? The iPhones that Norman and his mother, Norma, used. Yep, Psycho and Little Psycho are all up-to-date when it comes to technology.
  2. What! Since when does Norman Bates have a brother? Not very impressed with this change in canon. With was always Norman and his mother – that’s what gave the whole story it’s creepiness. How alone and close they had always been.
  3. Vera Ferminga is really great in everything she has done (all I have seen are Source Code and Orphan but she was really good).
  4. Nestor Carbonell is in the first episode. Yeah!

I think I need to watch a few more episodes because I am SO undecided but I wanted to post my first reaction to this show


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