The Walking Dead Season 3 – Spoilers

The Walking Dead Season 3

For anyone who is a fan of the show or even the comic books I hope that, like me, you had high expectations for the show that were met (and so much more). The comic books are gruesome, brutal and downright horrific. How the hell do the writers come up with this stuff? I was really worried about how the writers of the show would pull off some of the necessary storylines from the comics.

I have one word for you: Lori. I did not expect that scene to turn out the way it did. It had me crying and heart-broken (which is saying a lot: I was not a fan of Lori’s.) But I was sobbing like a baby. And then the whole Rick – aftermath!

The Governor

Now let’s talk about this guy! In the comics the Governor is a horrible, unsympathetic character while in the TV show, you can’t help but feel sorry for him and what he has been through. Even though he is still a horrible, unsympathetic, character.

and finally…

The Finale


WHY? OH GOD WHY? Before Maggie came along, Andrea was the only female character I actually liked so I was bummed out when I found out she died. She had some amazing storylines and Laurie Holden was an amazing actress.

I can’t wait for season 4 to come along. Hopefully we’ll see some more amazing things from this show!

Also check out the bad lip reading take on The Walking Dead. It’s hilarious


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