“Second Star to The Right… And Straight on Till Morning” – Once Upon a Time Season Finale Review *SPOILERS*

Sunday for me was a OUaT marathon day. Well, three episodes. But by the time the credits began to roll of the last episode I felt like it had been a marathon and today I had a stark realization that I have to wait another three months (29th September) for season 3 of Once Upon A Time.

I will admit I was slightly apprehensive about the upcoming third season. As interesting as Intelligence seems to be, I’m ever so slightly hoping that Intelligence will flop so that Meghan Ory can continue to grace our screens as Ruby (Slightly… Meghan Ory is still an amazing actress who deserves to be a lead in a show) and after watching “Lacey” I was somewhat disappointed with the road that Rumbelle was taking.

So I was going into “The Evil Queen” with low hopes. But it delivered. We saw the Evil Queen back in full form as well as seeing her human side. You have to ask yourself: if Snow and Regina hadn’t come across the slaughtered village would Regina have stopped trying to kill Snow? This show really does take the fairy-tales you thought you knew and turns them on their heads.

Which brings me to the amazing two part season finale, “Second Star to the Right… And Straight On Till Morning.”  This is in reference to Peter Pan and all the flashback moments take place in Neverland. We hear mention of Peter Pan and meet the Lost Boys.  Peter Pan’s shadow left me feeling uneasy with it’s handling of Baelfire. I’ll admit that I haven’t read Peter Pan (something I will soon rectify) so I’m not 100% certain about what the shadow’s intent truly is but I came across this little explanation about OUaT ‘s take on it:

It is revealed that this shadow belongs to Peter Pan, and it brings children to Neverland to keep them there as ordered by its master.


I was left wondering is Peter good or is he evil? He takes children to a land that they can never leave and where they must spend the night crying for their parents.

And then we are brought to the ‘ships’….


Belle is back! And so is the CHIPPED CUP! In all it’s glory. I was so happy that I cried so hard when she got her memory back! I was literally on the floor crying. (Albeit, I was on the floor because I was stupid comfortable there, but I was still on the floor and crying.) Just before their worlds end, Gold shows he was holding out on us and fixes the cup and we learn from Grumpy that mother superior has found a cure for the memory loss.

Yay! Belle and the chipped cup are back and Hook seems to have lost interest in his hopes to kill Gold and Gold’s good nature comes out when… he decides to leave Belle alone in Storybrooke and leaves her with a spell to cloak the town so that they might not be able to get back!? Are you kidding me!? Sure Belle has the seven dwarves but I think I’d be more OK with this deal if Ruby was going to be a sure thing too.



Emma and Neal. Baelfire and… Emma. Honestly, I was rooting for Emma and Hook but when that portal opened and Neal was being pulled and Emma was telling him not to let go, I let out a little whoop when she said she loved him. I didn’t realize I had it in me but I did. Jennifer Morrison gave an excellent performance when she returned to Mary Margret and David and told them that Neal was dead and a heart-wrenching one when she called them Mom and Dad.  Oh, be still my heart.

And to this I will end: let’s hope Julian Morris‘ appearance at the end of the episode means we will be seeing more of him next season.

Bring it on, OUaT… Bring it!


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