My Main issue with Batman Forever

Uh, the script. I mean, Really!? It’s like they are trying to make this movie a mix of dark and suitable for Cartoon Network!

Like, this scene is the opening for the movie and it leaves me with very low hopes for this movie. When I was younger I loved this movie: it had batman it had Jim Carrey. When you’re younger then ten years old, that’s a lot going for a movie. Alas, at 19 years of age, when I can’t lull myself to sleep without some background noise, I’ve found that this movie sets me right off. Before Jim Carrey is even introduced, I’m away in dreamland. Yay!

It wasn’t until I was sitting in bed reading with this movie playing in the background that I realised how terrible this script is and the telling sign is in the opening scene. That security guard was just awful – “It’s boiling acid” – yeah, Bats probably figured that out when he go locked in a vault with you (and why would batman get drivethru – I could make a really bad joke right now but I chose not to).

You have a pretty impressive cast. But the script and the directing is just… *cringe*

What I did like about this movie (possibly the only thing) was the Tim Burton cameo at the end as *wait for it* Dr. Burton!

This is possibly the worst movie in the Batman Franchise, in my opinion.


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