Charmed Seasons 1-3 *Spoilers*

First up in My 90s Phase section is the amazing Charmed with Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty and Brian Krause. Set in San Francisco, the first three seasons of the show is about three sisters, Prue (Doherty), Piper (Combs) and Pheobe (Milano) Halliwell who find out that they come from a long line of witches. The sisters face struggles such as Demons, Warlocks, The Source of All Evil and must overcome their personal obstacles as well. The sisters, who lost their mother at a young age and whose father left them when they were even younger, were raised by their grandmother, and it wasn’t until she died that they came across their powers


Prue Halliwell, Played by Shannen Doherty

Prue is the eldest Halliwell sister. In the first episode she is the sister who is the most skeptical about her ancestery. She worked at the Museum of Natural History and from episode 2 to mid season 2 she worked at Buckland’s Action House. Prue’s relationship with her father was destroyed when he walked out on the family when she was a child, a relationship which grows as he re-enters their lives, specifically in season 3. Prue resented her father for leaving and not returning after their mother died, when she had to help their grandmother raise her younger sisters

Prue also has a very strained relationship with her younger sister, Pheobe. She believes that Pheobe has no vision and no future. She also blames Pheobe for her broken engagement: Prue believes that Pheobe seduced her fiance, Roger (in fact, Roger kissed Pheobe), which put an added strain on the two’s relationship.

Prue’s powers are telekinesis and astral projection. When Lukas, transfers four of the seven deadly sins onto the Charmed Ones and Leo in Season 3 Episode 18, he gives Prue the sin of pride, which would have been her ultimate downfall if Leo had not orbbed to save her. Prue was considered the strongest and bravest of the sisters, often sacrificing herself for her sisters.


Holly Marie Combs as Piper

Piper is the middle Halliwell sister. She acts as buffer and keeper of the peace between Prue and Pheobe, as seen in the pilot episode when she neglects to tell Prue that Pheobe is returning to San Francisco and moving back to the manor with her sisters.

Piper is a talented chef. Even though she at the start of the show Piper works as a floor manager at a restaurant after being hired as a chef, Piper later quits and, with help from her sisters is able to open her own club, which she calls P3.

When the sisters meet a handyman named Leo (Krause), Piper falls in love (not knowing that he is their guardian and therefore, not knowing that it is forbidden.) Against the odds, Piper and Leo eventually get married in season 3.

Piper doesn’t see herself being as powerful as her sisters and in the season 3 episode, “Look Who’s Barking”, Piper describes Prue and Phoebe as “superwitches and I just tag along an freeze things”.

Piper’s initial power is the ability to freeze things and people and, at the end of season 3, she develops the ability to blow things up.


Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell

Alyssa Milano plays the youngest Halliwell sister. Phoebe is the sister who was most open to the idea of being a witch. After moving back in with her sisters after a few months in New York, Phoebe and Piper play with a Oiji board which leads Phoebe up to the attic. She finds the Book of Shadows and reads an incantation which allows her and her sisters to attain their powers.

Prue believes that Phoebe has no vision of her future and sees the irony in Phoebe gaining the power of premonition. Phoebe was a baby when her mother died and her father walked out. She feels a close connection to her father, being very similar to him more so than her sisters and moved to New York to seek him out.

On several occasions Phoebe has been the first to find things out: she is the first to discover that they are witches and she is the first to find out that Leo is actually a whitelighter. She is also the most susceptible to evil, being to first sister to turn evil in the show. In season 2, Phoebe returns to college and studies Psychology.

Phoebe experiences her first real heartbreak in season 3 when she meets and falls in love with District Attorney Cole Turner only to find out that he is a powerful demon that she and her sisters must vanquish!

Three sister witches kicking demon ass (which is invariably male). This is a show that, through it’s 8 season run, provided fans with tragic and amazing storylines and funny and sweet moments.


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