Baby… One More Time

International Cover for Baby One More Time

I was flicking through the music channels one night when Born To Make You Happy came on and while I was wondering, “Britney, why are you wearing a mini skirt with flaps at the back AND the front?” I realized, “This was a really good album back in the day.” Britney’s debut album will always remind me of my childhood, of walkmans, of playing around my dad’s old pickup truck, of a really fun Pokémon game my sisters came up with that I don’t remember how to play.

The album came out with some pretty typical pop love songs (E-mail my heart, Born to Make You Happy, Sometimes) and those songs that weren’t quite as soppy …Baby One More Time, You Drive Me Crazy)

I know I know but this was my favourite song when I was little… Like, favourite song EVER! That and Sometimes


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