Fashion Finds of the week

Forever 21 Metal Trimmed Crossbody in Tan

Metal Crossbody from Forever 21

Metal Crossbody from Forever 21

How cute is this crossbody bag from Forever 21!? I came across it while I was catching up on CollegeFashion and fell  head over heels in love with it. I have a bag similar to this one (it would be about the same size) and I can say from experience tha this kind of a bag is perfect for just about ANY occasion. I can fit EVERYTHING THAT I NEED in a small bag like this: Phone, iPod, gloss, purse, keys, spare bobby pins and hairbands.



This is a great way to spruce up a plain old outfit. You can find it on Threadflip by clicking the link above and… AND… it’s only $15 with free shipping!

Quilted Chain Handle Tote and the Mari Tote


Before I finished my exams this year, my trusty €11 bag from Penney’s gave up on me – JUST BEFORE EXAMS STARTED. It’s still usable but it’s torn and tattered and as a congratulations present from me to me I desperately want a new book bag for my final year (FINAL YEAR, PEOPLE!!!). Monsoon has a sale online and instore, and after a very quick browse I found these two that I absolutely fell in love with. The Quilted Chain Handle Tote was  £42 reduced to £29. I really love anything quilted right now (namely jackets and bags) so his one would be ideal! ” ‘Would be’? Why ‘would be’? What!?’ ” It’s downfall? It’s white! Can you imagaine how quickly I would get that dirty and how dirty it would get, from me putting it on the ground while I’m having a coffee or rooting around to get my purse out of the bottom of it!? Also, I have a habit of getting ink everywhere by my pens uncapping at the bottom og my bag to throwing my pen on my bed: this bag would be destroyed! If it was in black I would have no hesitation in picking this up.

The Mari Tote was £39 down to £27 and comes in an array of colours: brown, black, pink, blue, green, cream, navy. I love the brown one – I would SO get the brown one and be thrilled with it – but THEN I noticed it comes in pink… CORAL! (I’ve turned into a very pink lady) And now the question is – Pink or Brown? AHHHH:  DECISIONS!

Imitation leather biker jacket

Imiation Leather from H&M

From H&M for €39.95. I LURVE jackets that have two different colours or two different textures and I absolutely love this Imitation leather biker jacket from H&M! Not only is it two DIFFERENT colours but I am in love with that shade of purple!

Cape Coats

Marie Claire had a really good feature on cape coats. For the winter, I would love a GREY cape coat to but with a little pair of grey booties and maybe black tights. I never pair neutrals together so this would be a nice change for me. That is my aim come September: TRY NEW THINGS, self!


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