I have a playlist on my iPod that consists of…

A total of TWO SONGS! Songs I keep hitting replay for so I decided the easiest thing for me to do would be to create a playlist and just put that on replay.

Anyway – my EXTENSIVE LIST OF… two songs… 😦

1. Keep Me Waiting – Dana Williams

Alright, first things first: the video above… Play it! I was introduced to this singer when a friend of mine went to see her gig in the states and started RAVING about her and I can see why. Her sound is very blues-y and I immediately thought of Cat Power while listening to her song above. It’s very rare that I come across a sound like his that I absolutely SWEAR by!

Go to her website or listen to her on SoundCloud or YouTube

2. Friends Die But Words Don’t – Vegans in Furs

Vegans in Furs are an amazing rock band from Cork. Originally Porn for the Blind (I’m sorry, but I would listen to these guys JUST for their names: “Hey, I’m going to see Vegans in Furs“… That would be amazing!) Friends Die But Words Don’t have a line in it

Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it but a kiss is deadly when you mean it.”

(Batman Returns, anyone?)

I went to a gig by Porn for the Blind earlier this year and I cannot describe how amazing their music was. They performed one song that had a ton of people on the dance floor performing really low squats for about a minute. (It was called ‘Get Low’ or some variation)

I can’t embed soundcould onto my webpage for some reason so until I rectify that issue you can listen to their songs here.

Also, I’m about 99% sure a buddy of mine is the drummer.


2 thoughts on “I have a playlist on my iPod that consists of…

  1. Hi Liam Redding here just wanted to say thank you for the really lovely write up, (Im the drummer for Vegans in Furs) also who writes this blog as i can’t find a name anywhere?

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