I knew going into season 3 of Game Of Thrones that I was in for a surprise at the end of the season – I waited until the season had finished before I decided to watch it so I could get the full effect of the season but spoilers were not entirely avoidable. I was in for nine and a half hours of GOT knowing shit was going to go down toward the end of the season.

Yet somehow, SOMEHOW, I still managed to go into this season blissfully ignorant of what was REALLY going to happen in “Rains of Castamere”. Even the moment JUST before it was happening I was like, “Oh everyone’s going to live happily ever after. Arya will finally be reunited with Robb and Catelyn and she’ll love her new sister in law.” Pah!

Allow me to explain myself: when I heard that Season 3 had a really horrendous event called the Red Wedding, I thought, Finally, Joffery gets killed off. In my head it was going to be at Joffery’s wedding to Margary Tyrell and the commoners were going to turn against him… but no. George R.R Martin had to go ruin EVERYTHING!

My first clue that something was wrong should have been a few episode’s before hand when Talisa told Robb, “Hey, I’m pregnant!” And everyone was so happy. Albeit, when Arya and the Hound could see the Twins and Arya kept looking at it I thought, The Lannisters are going to find her. 

Let’s name him Eddard, ’cause THAT will work

Second clue: when Talisa tells Robb that she wants to name the baby Eddard if it’s a boy. My reaction: that is such a sweet thing to do! Then the band started playing Rains of Castamere – a Lannister song about how Tywin won victory over a rebellion – and my reaction to her reaction was: I think something’s wrong but something is going to happen to Rickon or Bran or Arya or Sansa. No. It couldn’t possibly go wrong. Walder Frey has forgiven Robb so he’s safe! Even when Walder Frey began making his speech, I was still in blissful ignorance… Catelyn sees Rosse Bolton’s Armour: NOTHING!


Then shit went down.

The Starks were getting massacred. And then Grey Wolf – uh, my heart broke! Sadly it was during this season that I realized that if it ever came down to Jon and Robb I would pick Robb – he just had so much going for him – so, until they paraded him around with Grey Wolf I wasn’t willing to believe he was dead. I genuinely thought that Arya would barge in and kick some ass… but no. No, she didn’t.

Michelle Fairley was amazing in her final scenes and the Red Wedding scene overall was amazing in the way it was carried out. I wish Robb, Talisa and baby Stark hadn’t been killed. I wish Arya had been reunited with her family and I kind of wish I had seen it coming a little bit sooner. I can’t wait for season 4.

This will be an embarrassing story to tell people…

Season 3 has been, by far, my favorite season and I cannot wait to finish the book to see how the two compare. This should be interesting…


I’m having GOT withdrawals now…

*Also, Walder Frey is Finch!*




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