The Office – a look back

One of the funniest comedies that I have ever seen came to an end this year 😦 So I decided to pay tribute to some of the best moments before I dove head first into the final season.

1. LipDub

The Office being The Office to music.  The first time you see this scene you really don’t expect what is going to happen to happen. It just does. It has everything – creepy dwight, sweet Pam and Jim, Michael, a boss who would actually allow this to happen in the workplace. Sure he’s allowed Basketball games and an Olympics closing ceremony happen but this just tops the bill.

2. Snow fight between Jim and Dwight

Dwight vs. Jim Snowballfight! from Kemal Göztepe on Vimeo.

I love Jim. I love that he always has the upper hand on Dwight and I love this entire episode where we see what happens when the tables are turned. By the end of it, the episode has taken a comedic/sadistic tone when Jim walks out and there is an army of snowmen blocking Jim’s way to his car. You’re waiting for Dwight to jump out and in the end, he has a bit of a Joker menace about him.

3. You are a gentleman and a scholar

Michael Scott

This introduces the audience to some of the comedy that’s awaiting us for the next nine years:

Thank you very much, sir. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. Oh, I’m sorry. OK. I’m sorry. My mistake. [hangs up] That was a woman I was talking to, so… She had a very low voice. Probably a smoker, so… [Clears throat]


4. Pam and Jim’s wedding

While the dance is SO unoriginal, that is what makes it amazing! Pam and Jim get two weddings: one the way they want it and one with their family and friends. Jim and Pam are one of the best couples EVER!

5. Jim Halpert: I don’t have a ton of contact with the Scranton branch, but before I left, I took a box of Dwight’s stationary. So from time to time I send Dwight faxes… from himself… from the future.


6. Michael’s Leaving Song

‘Nuff said.

And then everyone said goodbye to him. *HEART MELT*


That’s my list. There’s a ton more – Ryan started the Fire, Casino night, Jan Levinson-Gould, Catherine Tate, Jim Carrey cameo… but these were the one’s that I felt were MOST notable. Enjoy!


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