Luther Season 4 Finale *SPOILERS*

For the first time a Luther finale has left me feeling happy. I don’t know what Luther fans will be expecting next: a new season; an Alice Morgan spin-off; a movie? As I was scouring Luther tags on Tumblr for images to put with this post, I came across a post that could sum up most of what I’m about to say.

Finished series 3 of Luther, it was amazing. Almost everything I could have asked for. (I say “almost” because there can ALWAYS be more Alice.)

But I’m just now realizing this could be and probably is the last series. And with that ending, it’s alright with me. I think I got closure

This was a really amazing season compared to season 2 where all we really had in the 4 episodes was one mediocore main story that came to an explosive finish, a sub-plot that had neither development nor much back story (eh, what the hell happened to Jenny and Mark?) and very little Alice Morgan (even the one episode she was in in season 3 was more satisfying than her storyline in season 2!).

Season 3 did have Sienna Guillory as Mary Day, Luther’s love interest, and while I am a huge Guillory fan, I must say I am happy that it doesn’t look like their relationship will be taken any further. Mary is such a Tinkerbell and it would be a really boring story if Luther was stuck with such a timid companion.


Mary proved her badass-ery in the final few minutes when the killer was about to shot Alice and she pushed the gun away. I was beginning to get tired of Mary but this suddenly made her interesting.



Her entrance back into Luther’s life was both scary and amazing all at once…

and when she walked into the headquarters that was just…

Typical Alice.

Oh and then this f***ed with my feels:

(Can you tell I like Alice?)


Mary and Alice – image from electro-tech

I ship these two. Not in a romantic way but in a “meet Alice Morgan and her sidekick Mary Day!” kind of way. Sure there is that hand holding moment but that was kind of a comic element – Alice strikes me as the kind of person who does not do touching of any sort and yet here is this Bambi character invading her space and she’s like: “:O”

Alice, I’d be a bit miffed too if I had a psycho chasing me


(see what I did there?)

Oh, that last scene that played through the credits was just so PERFECT!  A perfect ending to a perfect season.

I cannot gush over this season enough but honestly, I hope they leave it at that.



Oh, if you want more Luther, interview with Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson in August 2013 Vanity Fair




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