We Are Purely Creative!!!

…This coming from me, the person who, when she want’s to write something deep can only think of rap lyrics and spends the rest of the day singing The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme song (thanks, sis!) or Bang Bang from The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Or randomly saying to myself, ‘Bitches see me rollin’, they hatin’!’ (don’t ask…)

While I have a few posts lines up in my drafts that I really should look into posting, I cannot let this pass:



A friend of mine introduced me to this page when it was launched and now it is one of my “Go Tos” up there with MoreThanMary, HelloGiggles, and CollegeFashion (along with others, but those are the ones that if I don’t read them I start getting withdrawals).

We are non-profit, and international which provides a perfect platform for writers to display their talents. This site will be the best method to help you find your readers! We are also looking for photographers, so if you have any nice pictures or fancy yourself as an artiste, send them in.

We exist to share creative writing- fiction, poetry, drama, silver linings- and photography to the biggest audience we can possibly find. It would be amazing if you shared the page with your friends! Virtual hug!


These people who came up with this site are SO nice to top off everything else, welcoming me into the already established site. Most, if not all, are students like me, feel creative and want an outlet and BOOM- a pretty damn amazing site! The sections are: fiction, drama, poetry, photography and silver linings – a really heart warming section that provides positivity and encouragement (spellcheck is telling me positivity isn’t a word… That’s a bit – for lack of a better term – negative). 

So now, if you feel creative or need encouragement to write or just in general, check out We Are Purely Creative.

This might be the first time you’ve heard about this site but it won’t be the last!


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