Game of Thrones Lookback

Game of Thrones

I’m one of those people who prefers watching things in bulk. If it’s a show like QI, which I don’t need to have seen the previous one to get the jokes, or if it’s a show that I’m obsessed with, like Pretty Little Liars, Luther or Once Upon a Time, then I’ll watch it weekly. Then there are the shows that I love that I’ll wait until the season is over and then set aside a weekend for and watch the whole thing to get that real ‘hooked’ feeling.

One of these was Game Of Thrones season 3.

Honestly, I’m glad I choose this route. Season 2 was watched weekly and I found myself going into each new episode half-heartedly. I felt that the season lacked something until the end – I thought the only really impressive scene in the season was the Battle of Blackwater. But season three hasn’t let me down. It had me hooked from beginning to end and I find that, watching it in this way, has me feeling a deeper appreciation for the characters.

Here Come The Girls

The ladies of the show are going strong this season. None of them are really very annoying (with the exception of Catelyn Stark but I just don’t like her character overall). I’ve even grown to like the initially annoying Sansa Stark. But the main change has come with my apreciation for the female characters I already liked – Arya, Margary, Daenyraes.

Arya was always my favourite character from the word go in both the books and the show. She was feisty, and it was her relationship with her brothers (especially her half-brother, Jon) that really intrigued me – in short, she was nothing like Sansa or Catelyn. So, obviously, I was rooting for the little girl that acted like a boy. Arya has had some pretty great storylines throughout the show – in comparison to some of her siblings story-lines, hers have always given us something to look forward to. While watching season 3, I was struck by how amazing an actress Maisie Williams is… and she’s only16! This kid is going to do amazing things in her career… I mean, seriously, her performance in “Rains of Castamere” was just… ugh!

Natalie Dormer as Margary Tyrell annoyed me during season 2. I don’t know why, but she did. Then in season 2, Margery redeemed herself at some point and I’ve grown to love how kindness towards Sansa, her handling of Joffrey and her ability to get under Cersei’s skin. Admittedly, her moments on the screen this season were purely to add flames for Cersei or comfort for Sansa but I certainly hope that, come season 4, we will see more or Margery looking out for number 1 and manipulating Joffery to gain the upper hand.

A close second favourite throughout the show’s run is Daenerys simply because she is such a badass (I need a new word!). You pitied her at the beginning and, like Drogo, came to love her. Again, season 2 was kind of a low moment for Dany but in season 3 she came back fighting and liberating civilizations and worming her way into the hearts of slaves and armies, simply by giving them a choice. She is a glimmer of hope in the otherwise dark season.

Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Initially, everyone loves Jaime. Then everyone hates Jaime. Now everyone loves Jaime. Oh, what, no? Just me? Ok then. Jaime is finally redeeming himself  when he comes back to Harranhal for Brienne. Oh, BE STILL MY HEART! Even scraggly, one-handed Jaime makes me swoon.

Tyrion Lannister was always my favourite Lannister. He was witty and kinder than his brother and sister, and I know I shouldn’t be I totally ship Tyrion and Sansa!

I have recently discovered that I enjoy Robb’s scenes more than I enjoy Jon’s. Maybe it’s Richard Madden (who, coincidentally, is dating Who actress Jenna Louise Coleman), maybe it’s because his scene’s are more interesting but when “Rains of Castamere” happened, I was in a state of shock that I have never really felt. NOT ROBB!!!

The Ships I ship

Daenerys and Jorah – I don’t know if it’s Iain Glen or the fanvid I came across featuring Rosi Golan’s Come Around but I think I may cry for joy if these two did happen in the show

Jaime and Briene – they just bring out the best in each other!


Robb and Talisa: I just… I can’t even… This is too much 😥


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