The Doctor Who Specials *SPOILERS!*

I have officially finished the David Tennant era of Doctor Who. It was a long and tough journey but I got there eventually. I am now left with Matt Smith until Christmas (and the 50th ANNIVERSARY IN NOVEMBER!!! When David Tennant will be back in his blue suit, cons and long brown coat.) I have nothing against Matt Smith. I just prefer Tennant. I know that when I watch a few episodes with Eleven I’ll more than likely warm to him. However, I was in such a state by the end of The End Of Time that all I had energy for was an episode of QI in which David Tennant makes an appearance!

Every one of the specials packed a certain punch: The Next Doctor had me momentarily wondering if David Morrissey could be the 12th Doctor (after watching the episode in full and I now find this unlikely but I still hope… maybe an appearance in the anniversary episode?); The Planet of the Dead offered much needed levity to a fairly full on season; The Water Of Mars had me (yes, me!) disliking Ten for a moment; and The End of TIme… oh.

The Doctor and Jackson Lake

The Next Doctor had Ten team up with a male companion, Jackson Lake (David Morrissey), who believes that he is The Doctor. Ten soon discovers what has happened and must, yet again, defeat the cybermen to protect London. Jackson Lake is pretty much EVERY Whovian: he runs around shouting “Allons-y!”, pretends his regular screwdriver is really sonic and sprouts out random scientific facts and probabilities!

The Planet of The Dead was a much more positive version of Midnight City. The setting was brighter, the outcome was happier, the alien being wasn’t nearly as scary. At one point one of the passengers on the bus briefly suspected the Doctor (“Oh… humans on buses. Always blaming me…”) but went no further. At the end of the episode, however, things take a dark turn: following on from the prophecy we were given in The Planet of The Ood (The Doctor’s song is endingone of the passengers, Carmen, tells him:

“You be careful, because your song is ending, sir. It is returning, it is returning through the dark. And then Doctor… oh, but then…he will knock four times.”

Thus, this episode has become characterized as the last time the Doctor gets to ‘have any fun’ (Tennant)

Tennant: Really, from this moment on, the Doctor’s card is marked. Because when we come back in “The Waters of Mars”, it’s all become a little bit darker.
Gardner: And as we know, David, he really does knock four times.
Tennant: Yeah, absolutely, and if you think you’ve figured out what that means, you’re wrong!
Gardner: But when you do figure it out, it’s a sad day.
—David Tennant and Julie Gardner (executive producer), Doctor Who: The Commentaries, “Planet of the Dead”
The Waters of Mars was just… WOW! That alien guy at the start reminded me of the little girl from The Exorcist. They were pretty creepy but the creepiest thing was when Ten came back to save everyone. Basically, Ten went a little bit crazy and tried to change one of those moments in time that really shouldn’t be changed, all in an attempt to prove that HE didn’t have to die when it was said he would. He believes he is in charge of the Laws of Time and that he can change absolutely anything he wants:

Brooke: … if my family changes the whole of history could change. The future of the human race. No one should have that much power.
The Doctor: Tough…. Adelaide I’ve done this sort of thing before. In small ways, saved some little people. But never someone as important as you. Oh, I’m good.
Brooke: Little people?! What, like Mia and Yuri? Who decides they’re so unimportant? You?
The Doctor: For a long time I thought I was just a survivor, but I’m not. I’m the winner. That’s who I am. The Time Lord Victorious.
Brooke: And there’s no one to stop you.
The Doctor: No.
Brooke: This is wrong, Doctor. I don’t care who you are. The Time Lord Victorious is wrong.

Brooke: Is there nothing you can’t do?
The Doctor: Not anymore.

The Water on Mars

Eventually he comes to realise that he has gone too far, when he hears a gun shot coming from Adelaide’s home. This episode did the impossible and made me hate Ten for a very short moment!

The End of Time not only saw the regeneration of Ten into Eleven but also the return of the Master and some of Ten’s previous companions and Gallifrey and the Time Lords. The first half was tame until the very end when Timothy Dalton was revealed as the Time Lord, Rassilon, but part two really packed the punches. Ten’s main companion was Wilfred Motts, the grandfather of Donna Noble. The Master proved not to be entirely evil ultimately protecting The Doctor from the other Time Lords.

Then everything is done. The Time Lords and The Master are gone. The Doctor is safe. Then we hear four knocks: Wilfred has locked himself into a chamber that needs someone else inside to let him out – a chamber that is slowly filling with radiation:

Wilfred: …this thing seems to be making a bit of a noise.
The Doctor: The Master left the nuclear bolt running. It’s gone into overload.
Wilfred: And that’s bad is it?
The Doctor: No. ‘Cause all the excess radiation gets vented inside there. Vinvocci glass contains it. All five hundred thousand rads about to flood that thing.
Wilfred: Oh. Well you better let me out then.
The Doctor: Except it’s gone critical. Touch one control and it floods…
Wilfred: I’m sorry. Look, just leave me.
The Doctor: Okay, right then. I will. ‘Cause you had to go in there, didn’t you? You had to go and get stuck! Oh yes! ‘Cause that’s who you are, Wilfred. You were always this… waiting for me all this time.
Wilfred: No really. Just leave me. I’m an old man, Doctor. I’ve had my time.
The Doctor: Well exactly! Look at you. Not remotely important! But me? I could do so much more! So much more! But this is what I get. My reward. Well it’s not fair! {silence}. Oh… I’ve lived too long.
Wilfred: No. No no please don’t. No no! Please don’t! Please!
The Doctor: Wilfred. It’s my honor. Better be quick! 3-2-1 {enters the chamber}

So, the Doctor let’s Wilfred out and some stuff happens and then:

Wilfred: Hello.
The Doctor: Hi.
Wilfred: Still with us.
The Doctor: System’s dead. I absorbed it all. Whole thing’s kaput. Oh. Now it opens, yes.
Wilfred: Well there we are then. Safe and sound. Mind you, you’re in a hell of a state. You’ve got some battle scars there. But they’ve… Your— your face. How did you do that?
The Doctor: It’s started.

He starts to change. 😦 He goes to see each companion one last time: Martha and Mickey, who are now married; Wilfred, Donna’s mum, and Donna (from afar) on Donna’s wedding day; Jack; Sarah; finally Rose, six months before he really meets her, and tells her she’ll have a good year.

Like a scared child he, alone in the TARDIS, says “I don’t want to go.” And then it happens… And then we’re left with Matt Smith…

Matt Smith as The Doctor

Russell T. Davies has done it again! This is the fourth time he has made me sob uncontrollably. The End of Time certainly marked the end of an era.

But at least I got to see David Tennant on QI!


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