September, I hate you…

As I wrote that, I must say, I felt kind of bad because it isn’t really September’s fault.

I woke up on Spetember 1st, wrapped up in my duvet thinking I was cozy. But no… One of my feet was cold!!! And the first thing I thought was, ‘Ugh, I have to go to school!’

…I did not have to go to school… That is not the point!

The point is I came to quite a shocking realisation: September is the Sunday of the months. Everything bad happens in September: you have to wake up at stupid o’clock in the cold weather, leave your cozy cocoon and go to school or college or whatever the hell else you’re up to in your life.

That’s it. That’s my Words of Wisdom September Edition. No point. No reason. Just that no one likes September.

Unless you’re the exception to the rule and you do like September…

In which case, More fool me




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