DAY 1- ROSE! #SaveTheDay #thecountdownison #DoctorWho #DoctorWho50thAnniversary

TARDIS, Nine and Rose

Ah, Rose. Admittedly not my favourite episode and not the episode that even made me love the show: that will be up later.  This is the episode that kicked off the revived series of the much loved sci-fi show. The episode that taught me that when plastic comes to life, it isn’t funny. We are introduced to three (semi-) companions: Mr. Mickey, Jackie Tyler and, of course, ROSE! “Rose Tyler, defender of the universe,” as the Doctor will later call her. And then, of course, how could we possibly forget The Doctor.  That sassy, leather-clad, sonic-wielding, TARDIS flying, lovable Doctor.  (Again, not my favourite Doctor, but that sass.)  ‘Doctor Who?’ you may ask.  No one knows… oooohhhhhhh.  MYSTERY!

This is the episode that gives us the taste of many recurring themes in the show: the relationship between Mickey and Rose and the Doctor; ‘RUN!’; the TARDIS; the Doctor’s terrible flirting-radar and his inability to comprehend… I sometimes see the report between Jackie and the Doctor as kind of like the one I have with my good friend, Cookie – we insult the shit out of each other, yell at each other, but we do so with love.


And we’re back to Rose. A young woman completely discontented with her life after she meets the Doctor (who then goes on to blow up the department store she worked in, thus making her unemployed.) What I love about Rose at the start of the show is that she is such a strong character, and even though she does fall in love with him, I think it’s more of a thing that she loves the adventures with him and the life he gives her – she remains a strong female character throughout the show on her own but she and the Doctor make each other better.

After Rose meets the Doctor, she finds a man, Clive, investigating the Doctor, who is able to trace the Doctor back to the 1800s. Clive describes the Doctor as having ‘one constant companion’, which (in a very eerie way) is DEATH!!!

While this is happening, poor Mickey is being turned into a plastic (and incredibly creepy) representation of himself. He takes Rose out to dinner in an attempt to find the Doctor, successfully, I might add. Mickey is pretty useless in this episode. When he comes back, he’s such a wuss and leaves the rescuing up to Rose, who does so brilliantly. He is utterly useless. I kind of took a satisfaction in The Doctor pullling his head off, running away with it, and then leaving it to melt it on the TARDIS console.

Ah, the TARDIS, a character in her own right from the very beginning. Again, the introduction of a recurring joke. “It’s bigger on the inside.” Lols.

From this episode on, the Doctor does one thing in every episode (except, possibly, The Last of The Time Lords) and that is RUN! “The Doctor likes to run a lot

Christopher Eccleston‘s Doctor is a Doctor truly born of war. He’s very angry. This is a brilliant representation of the new Doctor who later comes to love the humans. It’s clear that his feelings are very different from Ten and Eleven’s: even though he is trying to save the earth and the humans, he keeps referring to them as little people and apes.

The recurring jokes, the chemistry between the characters, the mysterious, angry Doctor that everyone will eventually come to love. And that my friends is how you revive a show.


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