DAY 3 – CLOSING TIME #SaveTheDay #thecountdownison #DoctorWho #DoctorWho50thAnniversary

Best Matt Smith episode.  In my opinion, anyway.  James Cordon it is brilliant in it.  His character, Craig, was first seen in ‘The Lodger‘ when the Doctor took up a room in his house only to find that the top floor was a spaceship.  Similar to the previous series when James Cordon made his appearance, this episode aired towards the end of the season finale.  Again, the companion in this episode was solely Craig, and of course…


Look at that face.

Stormy, Craig and Eleven make one hell of a team.  The Doctor has some really amazing scenes in this episode as well as some winning lines, and this is one of the few episodes from the new era that made me properly laugh during the first go (What?  I was still feeling the loss of Ten, it took me a while to get over.)

Stormy, though, ultimately steals the show with his cute and adorableness and his evil ways, (what with being the Dark Lord Of All and everything.)

**WARNING: THIS SECTION CONTAINS SPOILERS**   This episode also has the reappearance of the Cybermen and what a brilliant way they get defeated: love.  It’s almost like when Harry defeats Voldermort.  Brought a few tears to my eyes. But then of course, Doctor Who does what it’s best at.  Gives you a brilliant ending and then makes it better with a twist you never saw coming.   The last scene with River and the Silence sent shivers down my back, and then again when she was in the lake.  It was exceptionally creepy, brilliant, heart-breaking and brought a to a brilliant conclusion the story arc that came about at the beginning of the series.

Another amazing scene in this episode is when the Doctor is in the store and sees Amy and Rory, and then sees Amy’s advert for Petrichor, the perfume for ‘the girl who’s tired of waiting.’ The scene was a very cute and unexpected addition to the episode. My favourite scene, though, is this:

(GIFs are the best invention EVER!!!)  I had to rewind this scene a few times just to appreciaten the brilliane of Smith and Cordon’s performence. (I need to take this time to acknowledge something – Matt is Matt SMITH as in JOHN SMITH!!! Yes that did take me a long time to realise but I’m a bit slow and, you know what, I accept that. I find it an endearing trait.) ANYWAY… I laughed – proper laughed out loud and my sister looked at me and it was a very awkward moment considering she doesn’t watch Doctor Who and I was watching it on my laptop with my headphones on.

But I am old, Stormy.  I am so old. So near the end.  But you, Alfie Owens.  You are so young, aren’t you?  And you know, right now, everything’s ahead of you.  You could be anything.  Yes, I know.  You could walk among the stars.  They don’t actually look like that, you know — they are rather more impressive.  Yeah!  You know, when I was little like you, I dreamt of the stars.  I think it’s fair to say, in the language of your age, that I lived my dream.  I owned the stage.  Gave it a hundred and ten percent.  I hope you have as much fun as I did, Alfie.

Matt Smith’s Doctor is brilliant and his scene with Stormy is just heartwrenching. Oh, so very beautiful, it brought me to tears. This episode had everything – it genuinely made me laugh and made me cry – a truly brilliant and beautiful episode.

Well done, Gareth Roberts (writer). Well done!


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