DAY 4 – THE EMPTY CHILD/THE DOCTOR DANCES #SaveTheDay #thecountdownison #DoctorWho #DoctorWho50thAnniversary

Ten goes on to make an inside joke… Eleven does not.  Very disappointing moment.

I’m feeling risky today, so I decided that today’s Doctor Who instalment would be a two parter. Namely the two parter that introduces the audience to CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS and started one of the biggest broships in fandoms:

Fangirls everywhere swooned when this happened

Fangirls everywhere swooned when this happened. Click on image to get it moving and ENJOY!

(Honestly, I would not ship any companions so hard until Donna comes along and then I go for Ten, Donna and Jack)  I think that, if I scour the deepest corners of my subconscious, I choose these episodes simply because of Jack.  However, I choose to believe that I chose this episode because it’s scary and it marks the moment I fell in love with this show (and not solely because of Barrowman!)


Interestingly, this episode was written but Steven Moffat, whose overall series I’m not a major fan of, but his one-offs are pretty damn splendid.  And scary.  He also did ‘Blink‘, which as you probably know, scares the bejesus out of me.

The main ‘species’  in this episode are gas mask children.  Yeah, children scare me, especially when they say ‘Are You My Mummy?’ in a really creepy voice.  This episode had a huge horror element to it – I watched it at on a bright Saturday morning in bed and it still gave he the heebie jeebies.  The Doctor and Rose land in World War 2 London and, when The Doctor tells Rose not to wander off she does just that and they get separated.  While the Doctor asks a group of people if they noticed anything falling from the sky (they laugh: it’s London in World War 2, brov!) Rose is trying to help a little kid, much like the one above, and ends up hanging from a blimp only to be rescued by the criminal Captain Jack.  Smooth Jack.  He takes her on top of his ship in the middle of an air raid and dances with her.

Rose and The Doctor are eventually reunited when Jack asks to make a negotiation for… some spacey-wacey… thing

By the end of part 2 the Doctor has solved the mystery of the ‘Are You My Mummy’ children (I’m not being very technical in this post, am I?).  While Rose and The Doctor leave on the TARDIS, Jack leaves on his ship which is now housing an active bomb…

Until the TARDIS appears at the back of the ship.  The three take off together, the Doctor and Rose dancing, marking the start of a beautiful friendship.


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