DAY 5 – THE NEXT DOCTOR #SaveTheDay #thecountdownison #DoctorWho #DoctorWho50thAnniversary

The 2 doctorsUntitled

My second instalment of Ten’s era. This was a very easy choice – The Doctor meets The Governor; David Tennant and David Morrissey. I loved this episode, and then I discovered Blackpool (a musical-drama starring David Tennant and David Morrissey) and it made it all the more sweeter.

Honestly, while watching this episode (before I had seen the ending), I came to the conclusion that Morrissey could have potentially been the Twelfth Doctor (again, before it was announced that Peter Capaldi was the Twelfth Doctor – seriously) and of course I got REALLY excited… until I remembered that Morrissey was, is, and will be for the foreseeable future, The Governor in The Walking Dead.

This is the first episode of the specials that aried between season 4 and 5, and marked the beginning of the end for David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. It aired the Christmas of ’08, kicking off the 4 specials that would air and act as an amazing way to bring the Russell T. Davies era to an end. Along with ‘Planet of the Dead‘, this episode was in amazing contrast with the final three of the specials – it was light-hearted.

Badass Rosita with an axe!

Badass Rosita with an axe!

There were a lot of really brilliant allusions in this episode – David Morrissey’s Doctor had a companion called Rosita… ROSE-ita. Russell T. Davies also threw in a reference to ‘Blink‘:

The “New” Doctor: It’s strange though, I talk of Cybermen from the stars. And you don’t blink, Mr. Smith.

The Doctor: Ah! ‘Don’t Blink”! Remember that? “Whatever you do, don’t blink.”? The blinking and the statues? Sally and the weeping angels?

The “New” Doctor: You’re a very odd man.

The Doctor: Hm. I still am.

Jackson Lake’s story is, of course, inevitably heartbreaking. (Thank you, again, Russell T. Davies.)

The beginning and the end of this episode are really wonderfully bookended: Ten arrives in this time quite hopeful and optimistic, considering what he is going through (‘he will knock four times’ – I know, right? The way I’m talking, it’s like they are actually real!) and at the end of the episode, Jackson gathers the masses and applaude the Doctor and everything he has done for everyone

My reccomedation: watch this episode; watch David Morrissey as The Governor in The Walking Dead, and the watch Blackpool (or you can just watch the clip below). You will not regret it!


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