DAY 8 – SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY #savetheday #thecountdownison #doctorwho #doctorwho50thanniversary

(I’m going to keep this short and sweet. It’s been a long week and I’m quite hopeful that I will be a bit more productive tomorrow)

Part 1 of a two part episode, this venture has the Tenth Doctor and Donna in the biggest library in the universe. This already made it a winner to me. But then came the introduction of Professor River Song. And why Shadows are SO scary!

But back to River. I differ with some people about River. I loved her in this series, and only felt that things went downhill when she came back with Matt Smith (don’t get me wrong, I love Matt Smith). Other people just downright never liked her. You know who you are.  The Doctor and River’s relationship was pretty much set in stone from the beginning.

Again, it made me weep. DAMN IT, CATHERINE TATE! Your performances in this show make me love you even more! You make me cry.  And laugh… damn it.#

At the end of the 2 parts, it needs to be said, River gives Ten the ultimate present – the TARDIS notebook.  The ultimate item linking the Doctor and River.

*Can I just say that Ten’s face is priceless!?*


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