The Day of The Doctor has Come and Gone

Look at his face... and Ten's like the big brother saying, 'You've got this'... Feels!

Look at his face… and Ten’s like the big brother saying, ‘You’ve got this’… Feels!

And it was amazing.


I had to wait for the credits to roll before I could actually stand.  Walking out of the cinema I had to call my friend, Jay, and stood outside talking to her on the phone, trying to get her to breathe while reminding myself to keep cool.  Once that was taken care off, my friend and I walked home, talking the half hour journey about all things Doctor Who and then for about another ten minutes outside of the complex.

After we parted ways, I called my sister and talked to her.  I was so buzzed up after the episode that I decided to head to a friend’s birthday party and practically ran there.

I walked up to the door and when my sister opened the door, I turned around and said, ‘Hello, I’m the Doctor.’

For an hour and a half I sat in the kitchen.  Every so often I would swoon about the episode and explain certain scenes to a bunch of twenty something year olds who have never watch the show (well, some of them know).  My sisters said that they had never seen me re-act that way over anything. Lou said that when I walked into the kitchen I was actually trembling when I walked into the kitchen. I told her about some of the scenes and had to explain the whole concept of the revived series and why it took me so long to watch 7 seasons. Seriously, 7 seasons in 6 months.  It took me a while, and I had to explain why.

Even when we went to the pub I was still squealing about the episode and I spent the night quoting Shakespeare and Doctor Who.  And constantly saying ‘Don’t blink…’ and ‘Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff…’

I’ve been on a high since the episode aired.


The episode was so much better than I expected it to be.  AND it was nothing like I thought it would be.  Yes after seeing the trailer my initial thoughts that the episode would feature David Tennant as Ten2.o and Rose as Rose, and was slightly disappointed… up until the EPISODE STARTED AND SHIT GOT REAL!!!


From ‘The Very Beginning’ I mean the moment the lights dimmed.  As soon as the lights went down, people started clapping and I thought, ‘oh, that’s an awfully familiar sound that they are making,’  and then it occurred to me:

(It helped that they started making the actual sound.)

It was amazing. Then came the cute animated guy who told us to put our phones and silence and not talk. Then, out came Strax. And then Matt. AND THEN TENNANT. Ten made that really funnny joke about the Chin. It was totally unexpected and just downright unbelievable.  And then the episode started.

The three doctors make an incredible pairing.  The scene where they first appear together in the forest was just brilliant, they had such great rapport.  I can see why John Hurt‘s Doctor regenerated into Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor.  They’re both incredibly sassy: his quip about gonig through a midlife crisis and water pristols; and Ten and Eleven have this brotherly thing going on  where they are constantly trying to outdo each other.  Also: Ten is back.  We get Ten back.  Anyone else notice Tennant’s line ‘Well, I’m not English!’… Nice. (Watch the Catherine Tate Sketch with David Tennant) .  I totally ship broship Ten and Eleven.  They are genuinely like brothers.  They way they war with each other for ‘who’s the better Doctor’ and when Eleven starts poking fun at Ten for making out with the Zygon.  John Hurt’s Doctor makes reference to building a cabinet with the sonic screwdriver – a line made popular by River Song, who sadly did not make an appearance (I really would have loved to see how she and Ten enacted – I honestly preferred her with Ten than with Eleven.)  There were some pretty awesome nicknames in there: Chinny, Granddad, Bow-tie, Sandshoes. The man who regrets and the man who forgets.

We finally got to find out what the HELL Ten did to Elizabeth I to make her hate him.  The references that Ten kept making to prove the the Queen was Zygon when she was, infact, the queen were really funny.  David Tennant’s Ten is back in flying form. And we get the old TARDIS as well… THE OLD TARDIS.  (I think that was the thing I was most excited about when I saw the trailer.)

There were SO MANY allusions and reference in this episode – the machine that goes Ding when there’s stuff, the reference to Jack Harkness, the image of Rory and other past companions on the noticeboard, ‘Spoilers’, ‘the cabinet joke, the scarf, water pistols, ‘Bad Wolf‘, and (the thing that absolutely killed me) ‘I don’t want to go.’


Billie Piper is back.  Not as Rose Tyler as everyone initially thought, no, but as the big ‘Bad Wolf’.   Sadly, this meant that we didn’t get the Ten/ Rose scenes that we were waiting for.  That made the concept of Ten2.0 just that little bit sweeter.  The moment when John Hurt said, ‘I could kiss you, Bad Wolf girl!’ and Ten’s face in comparison to Eleven – it showed how far the Doctor had come: Ten was still mourning over the loss of Rose while Eleven had come to terms with it and thought on her fondly.

The following gif set is a perfect summary of the best scene from the episode:

Those EYES!!!  This scene, and even just talking about it, sends chills down my spine.  Watching over this scene again, I noticed that the scene was perfectly timed.  When the Council said, ‘All Thirteen’, there was just enough time for you to say to yourself, ‘What? What thirteen?’ and then realise ‘SHIT! Capaldi!’ until they finally give you the shot of those amazing eyes.  (I cannot wait for the reign of Capaldi. I’ll miss Matt though.)  As well as all the Doctor’s appearing, the companions made an appearance as well: on the noticeboard if you look closely you can make out Rose and Donna and Martha and Jack and I could go on and name all the other companions that I know but I’d only end up naming the NEW companions when you CAN see the other ones.

Admittedly, some of the story line was a bit farfetched (I don’t want to say plot-holes but…) but it all tied into together really well at the end.

Happy 50th Anniversary

One of the best and most unexpected scenes of the night was the Tom Baker cameo at the end of the episode.  There’s a post on Tumblr that says:

We lived to see the day the Eleventh talked to the “Fourth” onscreen in canon. So many many decades in the making that scene was.

And that’s just not a bad world we live in. 🙂

This is true, and I think it’s what makes this show so amazing. Kind of like the Doctor’s speech in ‘The Shakespeare Code’.  It’s quite an escapist show.  That’s the magic of Doctor Who.  As well as the fact that Moffat made such an effort to include the audience in the show, whether it’s references or addressing the audience.  Someone said that it was like one of the writer’s looked at the Tumblr Tag and and just REGENERATED them…

Speaking of Regeneration:

The Regeneration we’ve been waiting for. YOU CAN SEE ECCLESTON’S EYES!!!

There’s a really great article here!

Well then…



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